Minzy Replies To A Fan’s Comment On Instagram Saying That “Someone” Else Is At Fault For Delaying Her Comeback

Fans are saying this is YG Entertainment all over again.

On July 5, former 2NE1 member Minzy posted a dance cover to Lizzo‘s “Truth Hurts”. Under the video, a fan left a wordy comment regarding how quiet Minzy’s solo career has been recently. Minzy hasn’t released any solo music since 2018’s “All of You Say”, and fans are more than ready for some new Minzy music.

Surprisingly, Minzy not only replied to the comment, but she pointed the fan in the direction of who exactly was at fault for Minzy’s lack of music releases.

According to Minzy, she’s ready to release new music, but her new label, Music Works, is somehow preventing that from happening. Outraged fans in the comment section noted that this situation with Music Works is similar to when YG Entertainment forced Minzy into a hiatus in 2015-2016, ultimately influencing her decision to leave the company.

Minzy at her solo debut showcase under Music Works in 2017

Whatever is going on behind the scenes with Minzy and Music Works, fans are hopeful that Minzy will be back soon with new music (and possibly a better agency) sooner than later.