Former 2NE1 Member Sandara Park And T-ara Member Soyeon Talk About The Struggles Of Being An Idol

The heartbreaking reality

The difficulties that come with being in an idol group seem to be never ending. While there are also a lot of pros, the cons can’t be ignored and that’s exactly what T-ara member Soyeon and former 2NE1 member Sandara Park talk about on an episode of Miss Back.

In an episode of MBN‘s variety program Miss Back, there was a moment when girl group members Soyeon and Sandara Park bonded over the sad reality of being an idol.

(Sandara) unnie do you have a solo song?

— Soyeon

To which Sandara Park responded hesitantly that she kind of did but she kind of didn’t:

So I do but…

— Sandara Park

While Sandara isn’t wrong, the song in question actually turned out to be a song for a commercial that Sandara Park was in years ago. The conversation didn’t stop there as Soyeon continued to ask Sandara Park if she has had any solo projects.

Unnie you don’t have a solo album right?

— Soyeon

Sandara Park answered that she indeed did not and it was right there and then that Soyeon revealed the depressing nature of being in a famous girl group but not being famous as an individual artist.

Soyeon talks about her experience in T-ara:

I’m the main vocal in a famous group.

— Soyeon

And her time with the group plus her individual activites:

And I’ve been promoting for 11 years now.

— Soyeon

However, regardless of the 11 years she’s been promoting with or without the group she revealed a sad secret:

But I don’t have one single song that’s my own.

— Soyeon

Soyeon continued on to express to Sandara why she was on the show:

And I’m not just sitting here waiting for an opportunity

— Soyeon

But I’m doing it more so for my fans who have been waiting for me. It’s my turn to be selfish.

— Soyeon

While Soyeon announced her plans to leave this program, we still hope to see both Soyeon and Sandara Park doing their own solo projects soon!

Source: theqoo, Instagram and Twitter

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