MIXNINE contestant couldnt stop crying…until Red Velvet Wendy walked up and did this

Red Velvet’s Wendy knew exactly how to comfort this girl.

Yeim, the talented trainee from A100 Entertainment who appeared on Mixnine, has successfully debuted as a solo artist!


Prior to her debut, Yeim appeared on I Can See Your Voice 5 and wowed Red Velvet members, who voted her off as a fake singer, with her beautiful voice!


Yeim performed “Flower Road” originally by gugudan’s Sejeong, dedicating the performance to her mother who is in Japan.


When Yeim got half way through the song, Yeim’s mother’s video message began playing on the screen and Yeim couldn’t control the overwhelming emotions.


Though shaky from her tears, Yeim successfully completed the performance. Red Velvet members and the audience, also in tears, encouraged Yeim and showed support by listening to her song carefully.


Red Velvet’s Wendy apologized for not recognizing her and encouraged her to keep working hard.

“I can relate to her because I’m from Canada and I had to come to Korea alone to train too. I’m even more sorry that I voted her off now. I’d love to perform with her someday!” — Wendy


Later in an interview, Yeim stated Wendy’s words really stuck with her as she prepared to debut solo.

“I still remember Red Velvet’s Wendy telling me she’d like to perform with me someday. After the show was over, Wendy actually came to see me in the waiting room and said sorry for voting me off. She encouraged me and said I’ll succeed. She gave me a hug and offered great advice. I really appreciated that.” — Yeim


Yeim claimed she is grateful for the chance to sing on stage now.

“I’ve given up and felt hopeless countless times before I finally got to sing on stage. I’ll continue to work hard to let people hear my voice and know my name. I promise to become an everlasting, positive artist.” — Yeim


Listen to her latest single, “Meet Me At The Corner” here:

Source: Xports News