BTS Caught In A Love Triangle Between Mnet and Naver

Mnet‘s MPD-nim has always been extremely close to BTS, but their recent time spent with the V Live Man has caused a rift.

BTS has always been close with Mnet’s MPD-nim – taking selfies together, giving dance lessons, and even bringing the mascot to the Mnet Asia Music Awards, to film a music video back in 2015.

But recently, BTS was caught hanging out with another mascot – the V Live Man. This prompted MPD-nim to tweet the moment, expressing his sadness and even using the hashtag #IMissYou and stating “I want to see BTS too”.

The tweet is heart-wrenching for those who cherish the BTS, MPD friendship, which has always been so strong and iconic.

Fans couldn’t help but reminisce back to the moments when…

MPD discovered and fell in love with the young rookie group…

BTS taught him the dance to “War of Hormone.”

MPD became an honorary member of BTS for BTS’ “Dope” promotions.

They celebrated BTS’ first win for “I Need U.”

MPD planned a surprise birthday party for BTS’ Jin.

They also made a music video together in Hong Kong while hanging out in BTS’ hotel room.

They walked the red carpet together at the 2016 MAMA.

Poor MPD! Hopefully, BTS will also remember the good days and spend time with MPD again.