Mnet’s Queendom Shocks Viewers With Low Ratings

It seems like people aren’t tuning in during the live broadcast.

Mnet‘s Queendom is undoubtedly popular both locally and internationally, which is why their broadcast ratings surprised viewers.

Episodes one and two received a 0.5% rating, episode three climbed to its highest at 1.0%, and episode four dipped again to 0.8%.

Viewers were shocked that few people were watching the broadcasts, especially considering the high views that the show receives on Youtube and Naver. (G)I-DLE, for instance, reached one million views in less than 24 hours for their cover of 2NE1‘s “Fire.”

Netizens agreed that TV ratings were less important than social media platform views.

Isn’t currently Mnet’s Queendom the hottest in the online community?ㅋㅋ This shows how meaningless TV ratings are

– Korean Netizen

They pointed out that most people watch the show on their mobile devices anyway, and this is not considered a loss to broadcast channels anymore.

But this is the generation of people watching the show on phones, laptops with Youtube and Naver TV, not TV. The production team knows better, so don’t worry.

– Korean Netizen

Mnet will not be in deficit even with Queendom’s low ratings. Today, broadcasts get revenue on multiple platforms even if they don’t have high ratings.

– Korean Netizen


Source: TheQoo