MOAs Demand Better Protection For TXT And Trend #Protect_TXT On Twitter

These boys need to be protected.

Recently, TXT’s fandom, MOA, began trending the hashtag #Protect_TXT on Twitter to shed light on the fact that TXT needs better protection measures when going out in public. Fans were heartbroken to see so many photos and videos of the members being bombarded with cameras while getting out of the car.

In the video below, you can see that there is a huge crowd waiting outside of their van with no bodyguards in sight.

Even just a short walk from the van to the door, there are tons of reporters following them and invading their personal space.

This clip even shows Soobin bumping his head on the car as he tries to get away from the cameras.

MOAs hope that by spreading this hashtag that it will bring more awareness to the situation and help the boys get the protection that they need.

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