MOMOLAND’s Jooe Allegedly Spotted On A Date

They were seen linking arms.

A picture has been circulating around Korean news sites allegedly showing MOMOLAND’s Jooe on a date.

The woman who appears to be Jooe and the mystery man were seen standing close and linking arms like a couple.

Netizens had varying degrees of reactions, beginning from denying that the woman in the picture is Jooe.

Is that really Jooe? I can’t tell. She’s really skinny.

– Korean Netizen

If that’s not Jooe but a commoner, what will you do?

– Korean Netizen

They also had doubts that the guys is her boyfriend despite their body language.

Isn’t that her oppa? I don’t see it at all.

– Korean Netizen

Netizens were surprised that she would go out in the open without fear of being caught.

Who would date so openly like that? They would at least hide their faces and bodies better than that.

– Korean Netizen

Others were expressing their support, saying that it is alright for her to date freely.

I’m proud of her!

– Korean Netizen

Why can’t you date?

– Korean Netizen

Source: Nate