MOMOLAND Helped The “Play This Song At My Funeral” Meme Come True And Netizens Are Freaking Out

“This is crazy amazing. RIP.”

A funeral is one of the saddest things we experience in life and the mood during the ceremony generally reflects that by being a silent and solemn affair. But that’s not always the case as netizens found out when they discovered one particular video of a very unique funeral online.


This particular video caught the eyes of netizens not only because of how happy everyone looked…


But because one of the biggest K-Pop memes, the “play this song at my funeral” meme, actually happened in real life.


Instead of the sad music that normally plays during funerals, this particular one in Pampanga, Philippines, played MOMOLAND‘s “BBoom BBoom”!


While there have been some netizens that think this funeral is a little strange, others think it’s actually a really interesting and sweet thing to do to send a loved one off on a happier note.


And it truly was sweet! The now viral video of this funeral was uploaded back in September by Jry Usi Perez who said that the song was played to cheer up the friends and family of the deceased.

Libing to the tune of Boom boom (momoland) Bat nga naman kailangan malungkot,eh kung pwedi naman maging masaya🤣#SMSingers #SMFUNERAL Only in MasantolPampanga

Posted by Jry Usi Perez on Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Netizens have also found out that the elderly lady who passed away loved that particular song because her grandchildren used to dance to it for her.


And with this incredibly touching farewell, netizens everywhere are hoping that she will rest in peace.