MOMOLAND Surprised Children With Live Street Performance Of Song From “Pororo”

🎶 Banana Cha Cha 🎶

MOMOLAND held a Surprise Street Live event, performing “BANANA CHACHA”, a song from popular cartoon Pororo, for a large group of children.

Nearly 500 children were in attendance of the special Surprise Street Live held on October 19 at Seoul Grand Park North Gate. There was also a dance contest, which many children entered, enhancing the fun atmosphere of the event. Five participants won an autographed MOMOLAND CD and banana milk as prizes.

Prior to this event, the music video for MOMOLAND’s “BANANA CHACHA” recorded more than 56 million views on YouTube. The “BANANA CHACHA” song and dance are popular among elementary school students and there are numerous videos of children singing and dancing the song across YouTube, blogs, and Instagram.

MOMOLAND signed a management contract with ABS-CBN, the largest broadcasting station in the Philippines, on October 4, which spurred activities in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Source: kstyle