Monsta X and BTOB’s High-Note Battle Will Have You Rolling On the Floor

Both Monsta X and BTOB are well known for their powerful vocals — and they definitely weren’t shy to show off just how high-pitched they could really go!

The latest episode of Monsta X’s show MONSTA X-RAY aired last Thursday, and it featured a hilariously crazy battle between the two idol groups.

After engaging in several games, including the imitation of ugly photos and testing the strength of their thighs, the groups were given the mission of playing the ‘Cleopatra’ game.

The rules of the game are simple: each person along the line takes turns to sing the words, “Hi, Cleopatra. The world’s best potato chips.” in a pitch higher than the person before. If you’re unable to sing higher, you lose.

BTOB Eunkwang‘s expressions had fans crying with laughter!

Both Monsta X and their sunbae group BTOB put their all into beating one another, and what happened will have you rolling on the floor!

The two groups certainly entertained themselves during the intense battle!
Monsta X’s Jooheon was clearly trying his hardest!

Check out the hilarious video below — just be careful of your eardrums!