Monsta X release ASMR version of their song “Beautiful”

Idol group Monsta X records an ASMR version of their latest title track “Beautiful” on Mnet‘s M2.

Monsta X has the joined the ranks of idol groups and singers who have participated in this segment on Youtube channel M2, run by Mnet. ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”, which is usually signified by a tingling on the back of your head and sometimes spine.

ASMR videos are therefore created to produce the same response and usually include sounds like gentle whispering, which is what the groups use on this particular segment. Groups who have participated on this segment usually either whisper their lyrics or whisper-sing their latest title song and that is what Monsta X have done in this video.

You can check out Monsta X performing their ASMR version of “Beautiful” live below:

Monsta X are currently still promoting this same title track “Beautiful” on Music Shows.