MONSTA X’s Shownu Arm Wrestled A UFC Fighter And The Results Surprised Everyone… Even Him

Even Shownu was surprised in the end:

One look at MONSTA X‘s Shownu and you know he’s seriously fit. His muscles are no joke and he’s often chosen as one of the strongest idols out there. But he recently showed just how strong he truly is when he went up against a UFC fighter.


MONSTA X were recently guests on an episode of TMI News. While there were plenty of memorable moments from the episode, perhaps one of the most memorable was the moment when Shownu went head to head against UFC fighter Kim Dong Hyun.


It all started when Shownu was the reigning champion of arm wrestling. None of his members wanted to go up against him and when Minhyuk had a go, his arm quickly found itself bending under Shownu’s strength.


So to challenge him even further and to try to prank Shownu, Jun Hyun Moo volunteered himself for the match while actually switching out with Kim Dong Hyun! But from the moment the match started, it didn’t go as expected!


Although he has won 22 out of 28 matches, Kim Dong Hyun was met with a whole lot of resistance from Shownu’s solid arms! In fact, Shownu’s strength was so great that Kim Dong Hyun soon found his arm sinking lower and lower before it hit the match!


Stunning everyone with the victory, Kim Dong Hyun silently begged to have a second chance and after okaying it they went at it again. This time, however, they switched hands!


Again, Shownu put up quite the fight but eventually, Kim Dong Hyun got the upper hand and beat him.


With the matches now tied, Shownu and Kim Dong Hyun had one more round to go to decide the ultimate victor. Switching hands once again, the two went back at it again…


Before Shownu was ultimately declared the victor!


His victory came as a huge surprise to everyone there but when the blindfold came off, no one was more surprised than Shownu!


Shownu’s muscles are really no joke! To see him go hand to hand against UFC fighter Kim Dong Hyun make sure you check out the full video below!