MONSTA X’s Shownu Says He’s “Like A Banana” And This Comedian Couldn’t Control Her Dirty Mind

That’s not what he meant, but that’s what she understood.

On a recent episode of Radio Star, the show hosts discussed MONSTA X Shownu‘s hot body and how he was voted one of the best physiques in the K-Pop industry. When he tried to explain why he was voted so, he mentioned a banana – and this almost drove comedian Ahn Young Mi, known for her racy rated-R jokes on cable television, over the line on broadcast TV!


Ahn Young Mi brought up the fact that Shownu has been voted #1 by fellow K-Pop idols for having the hottest body in the industry. She then immediately let out a big sigh, which the other show hosts caught.

It says here that you have the best physique among the K-Pop idols…

— Ahn Young Mi


When her fellow show host Yoon Jong Shin asked her why she sighed, Ahn Young Mi responded that on her script, it reads, “Shownu says he was chosen #1 hottest body because he is like a banana.” As soon as she read that part out loud, the show hosts, guests, and Shownu himself started laughing because they all knew what Ahn Young Mi was thinking!


Knowing her risqué nature, Ahn Young Mi probably had a hundred comments to make about this comparison, but she had to hold them all back – because she was on broadcast television and such things can cause issues. She jumped out of her seat and tried to control herself from crossing the line, but it was clear that her mind had already reached the faraway land of inappropriate jokes…

Are you guys trying to test me or what?

— Ahn Young Mi


Shownu also had a blast watching Ahn Young Mi’s reaction to his response. He clarified, however, that he meant he is like a banana in a sense that he wasn’t fully ripe when he first debuted – like a green banana – but now he is “mature” enough like a yellow one. Shownu seemed proud of his comparison, although it almost drove Ahn Young Mi into cable savage mode!


Check out the hilarious reaction in the full clip below: