MONSTA X Shownu’s Interactions With A Little Girl Are Killing Fans With Cuteness

It’s cuteness overload!

MONSTA X‘s Shownu might be sexy and dangerous on stage, but off stage, he’s a complete softy whose infectious smile can put a big grin on anyone’s face! Recently he showed off his very soft side and fans can hardly handle it!


Shownu appeared on the latest episode of MBC‘s My Little Television V2 and showed off his amazing sweet charms! Throughout the episode, he danced along with 11-year-old Haeun and his interactions with her melted hearts!


From the way Shownu helped Haeun into her costume…


Then proceeded to fix Haeun’s hair, fans were already feeling overwhelmed by the cuteness!


But when he was happy making Haeun laugh…


And then the two of them had their characters switch during their game, fans were almost k.o.ed by pure adorable!


All of their interactions have been making fans feel very attacked by the pure wholesome cuteness shared between the two!


And really is it any wonder? Cuteness overload indeed!