Fans Claim This Idol’s Face Does NOT Match His Body

Will the face or the body win you over?

MONSTA X‘s Wonho is an anomaly we can stare at all day. His face tells us soft, innocent, flower boy, but his body tells us sexy, strong, manly man.

Take a look at the difference yourself, and decide (if you can) which version of Wonho you like more:

1. Round 1

Young and innocent.

Sexy Six Pack Man.

2. Round 2

A sweet wink that’ll melt any girl’s heart.

But a body that will give you a heart attack.

3. Round 3

The softest smile in the world.

And yet, the hardest packs in the world.

4. Round 4

Just your average boy next door.

Or the sexy bad boy at school.

5. Round 5

Who could ever get mad at this face?

Who could ever stay mad at this BODY?