MONSTA X’s Appearance On “We Bare Bears” Was All Thanks To MONBEBE

What MONBEBE wants, MONBEBE gets.

MONSTA X will be making their cartoon debut in an upcoming episode of We Bare Bears, and there’s details about how the collaboration came to be.

In 2018 this MONBEBE sent a tweet to Daniel Chong, the creator of We Bare Bears. They expressed their interest in MONSTA X appearing on the show if at all possible.

Daniel Chong saw the tweet and replied that he would do what he could.

This simple tweet put MONSTA X on their radar, and the creator even confirmed that’s exactly how the collaboration happened.

It was all thanks to this MONBEBE, and it shows just how important taking one step can lead to the reality you’ve imagined.

The episode will air May 27 on Cartoon Network, so be sure to tune in to find out what happens when Ice Bear and Panda meet MONSTA X.