MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Confesses He Was Hurt By Shownu’s Comment About How He Eats

He still can’t forget what he said.

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon had an interview with Allure Korea all about his food habits, and a fan asked him a particular question that had him remembering a memory he couldn’t forget.

He was asked whether he had ever experienced depressed feelings or sadness because he eats small portions. Hyungwon revealed that it doesn’t bother him personally, but the people around him make him feel that way.

When he was young, it made him feel sad, especially when people asked him why he couldn’t eat certain things. Now, he thinks about it more positively with the mindset that he could’ve just eaten it. And, it reminded him of a particular incident while he was eating rice noodle soup.

It’s a food he really enjoys, but the cilantro in it is too strong a taste for him. Because he was eating it with a friend though, they kept putting cilantro into the soup and asked him why he wasn’t putting in any. Hyungwon said, “No cilantro for me, only noodles.” The friend couldn’t believe it and asked, “What’s wrong with your taste?”

The friend turned out to be MONSTA X’s leader Shownu. And, Hyungwon confessed that the incident had been “embarrassing and sad” for him. The memory had been so vivid that he still couldn’t forget the face Shownu made that day and imitated it along with saying his exact words.

Although Hyungwon may have been hurt in that moment, it seemed like him and Shownu have gotten used to each other’s food tastes based on the rest of the interview. Find out more about Hyungwon’s food habits here.