MONSTA X’s Joohoney Knows Which Member To Call If He Needs To Bury A Body

Why he chose his partner in crime had the rest of them laughing.

MONSTA X played a game of “The Tower Of Truth” with PopBuzz, answering questions that were attached to the Jenga blocks they removed.

On the bottom of one Joohoney had chosen, it asked which member would help him bury a body. At first, he didn’t understand the question.

After it was translated, Joohoney was shocked by the question. He even asked what kind of question it was. But, he eventually answered it.

He chose Wonho as his partner in crime. Not only would he help but his strength would make everything easier, especially since they’d already confirmed he’d be able to fight off zombies with it.

Check out the funny moment here, and see what other crazy questions they answered about each other.