MONSTA X’s Joohoney Proves That In Addition To Being An Amazing Musician He’s Also A Wizard

You’re a wizard, Joohoney!

In MONSTA X‘s Tower of Truth interview with PopBuzz, they had to play Jenga while answering the questions written on each piece of Jenga that they pulled. When things got dicey, Joohoney used a brand new set of skills to keep the tower in place: magic.

Forget all the complicated spells they learned during the Harry Potter series, all Joohoney needs to do to get his magic flowing is saying simple things like the name “Harry Potter” and “magic”. If his members doubted his powers, they definitely became believers after this game.

Looks like Joohoney might not be the only wizard among the members though. I.M. admitted to being the Hermoine to Joohoney’s Harry.


Joohoney, I.M. and the rest of MONSTA X definitely make magic with their music every single time, so we totally buy their status as wizards. Watch the entire magical interview below: