MONSTA X’s Joohoney Is Tired Of People Not Calling Them By The Right Name

He’s not here for anymore of the disrespect.

During a live broadcast, MONSTA X‘s Joohoney let out his frustration with people mispronouncing their group name and his individual name as well.

He began by announcing that their group name was MONSTA X rather than the mispronunciation MONSTER X. He kept repeating the correct name and asked if everyone understood.


Joohoney didn’t stop there either. He said that his name wasn’t Joohyun. It was Jooheon. He even clarified that it was Joohoney in English.

It’s Jooheon. In English, Joohoney.

It’s frustrating when people choose not to pronounce the right name when it’s spelled out for them, so Joohoney’s irritation is understandable. He made sure there would be no more confusion though.