MONSTA X’s Kihyun Flames Wonho With This Smoke Machine

It was in that moment, Wonho knew he’d messed up.

MONSTA X had fun during all the concert stops of their We Are Here world tour. But, there’s one moment from their Osaka stop between Wonho and Kihyun that has everyone laughing.

While they were performing “Special”, Wonho took the smoke machine and pointed it right at Kihyun, covering his entire head in it as he tried to sing his lines.

After he was satisfied he’d caused enough trouble, he stopped blowing the smoke. That’s when Kihyun turned toward him, and the look on Wonho’s face made it clear he knew what was coming.

Without mercy, Kihyun trained his smoke machine right on Wonho and let him have it. He blew so much smoke that Wonho nearly disappeared into it.


Kihyun may not be as tall as the rest of the members, but he makes up for it with his attitude. Watch Kihyun pay back Wonho here.