MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Dressed As A Girl, These Children Hilariously Guessed BLACKPINK

Pretty Minhyuk has struck again.

Max LV. Kids revealed a MONSTA X Hyungwon fangirl, and now they’ve shared another fun moment.

They showed this photo of Minhyuk dressed as a girl to four children.

All of them immediately said it was a woman and one of the boys even called her noona.

Another one of the boys yelled out, “BLACKPINK, BLACKPINK,” when guessing who it could be.

After trying to guess, one of the girls even said that Minhyuk was prettier than her mom.

When they found out the woman in the photo had been Minhyuk all along, some asked how it was possible while others simply thought he’d gotten a haircut.

See the funny moment of how they were tricked here.