MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Picks Which Member Is The Cutest & Says They’re The Cutest Of All The Men He Knows

“How can someone be that cute?”

In a V Live broadcast on July 8, MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk let the world know who was his group’s cutest member. Not only is this member the cutest in the group, but he’s the cutest out of all of the men that Minhyuk knows. Considering Minhyuk knows a plethora of über-attractive idols, this member would have to be insanely cute.

The member Minhyuk picked is none other than Joohoney.

Joohoney is a rap god who often shows his fierce and hard side when spitting his rapid fire rhymes…

…but Monbebe know that that’s only one side to Joohoney.

Joohoney can also be massively cute. Joohoney’s cuteness is completely inherent – he doesn’t need to act cute, he just is cute.

Joohoney is so cute that Minhyuk had an existential crisis while contemplating just how someone could be that cute, which if we’re being honest, is definitely a question that we’ve all asked ourselves when looking at Joohoney.

Watch a clip of the live broadcast below: