MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Talks About Sneaking Food At His Old Job And It’s Super Relatable

Once he had a taste for it, he had to have it.

MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk spoke about his time working at Burger King in the past, and he revealed something just about everyone can relate to.

He began by explaining that he did something his manager hadn’t known about when he’d leave after work.

Menu items that weren’t popular were rarely in stock; apple pie was one of those items and it took longer to make. But, sometimes Minhyuk would have a taste for it.

So, he confessed that he would stick one in his jacket before leaving and eat it on the way home.

Anyone that’s ever worked around food can see themselves in Minhyuk’s shoes, sneaking a taste of something they’ve wanted. Even those who haven’t can still relate because who hasn’t snuck a taste of something from their friends or family?

And, he didn’t have a problem revealing it, especially since it was in the past. Listen to Minhyuk relive memories from his fast food days at 14:19.