MONSTA X’s Shownu In These Edited Fenty Beauty Ads Will Make You Wish They Were True

Rihanna needs to endorse him ASAP.

MONSTA X‘s Shownu is known for having beautifully bronzed skin and striking features, making him the perfect model for a makeup brand.

So, Twitter user @adioringu put together fake ads for Rihanna‘s makeup brand Fenty Beauty. And, not only do they match the products but they’re visually stunning, like this one of Shownu’s glowing skin paired with the brand’s body shimmer.

monsta x shownu fenty beauty

Shownu’s glass skin and slightly gloss lips beside the brand’s sparkly lip gloss.

monsta x shownu fenty beauty

A few strokes of paint on Shownu’s face where the brand’s match stix would partially be used.

monsta x shownu fenty beauty 4

And, the brand’s pink lip gloss paired with Shownu wearing a darker pink lip shade.

monsta x shownu fenty beauty

The photos and products match so well they could easily be real advertisements. At the very least, he could model for the brand. Wouldn’t you agree?

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