MONSTA X’s Wonho And Minhyuk Pranked Kihyun And It’s Just As Chaotic As It Sounds

They have zero chill, absolutely none.

MONSTA X are a bunch of playful guys, so they decided to have some fun during their free time in their hotel rooms.

Wonho and Minhyuk teamed up to play with Kihyun during their live broadcast, and they thought they had just the perfect idea.

They decided to prank call him using a translation app to change their Korean into English. Minhyuk opened with the line, “I’m a hotel clerk.” Then, Wonho followed with, “Can you come to the first floor?”

Minhyuk was so impressed with himself for adding the phrase, “It’s an emergency,” that he fell back onto the bed and burst into laughter. Shortly after, they ended the call and chatted about how Kihyun had responded by saying, “Yes,” to everything.

No one is immune to MONSTA X’s pranks, not even the members themselves. And, it was Wonho’s revenge for the time Kihyun had used the same prank on him.

Watch their clever shenanigans at 47:02.