MONSTA X’s Wonho Unable To Stop Himself From Fried Chicken Is Relatable AF

Same, Wonho, same.

Fried chicken is a favorite snack / meal for many K-Pop idol groups – like MONSTA X, for one. While MONSTA X members cannot have fried chicken as often as they’d like, to keep their sexy bods as sexy bods, they go cuckoo when they do order some!


On the YouTube channel “starshipTV”, there is a video of MONSTA X’s Wonho entering a trance as he eats fried chicken, shirtless. Fans can only imagine how good the snack must taste, especially after performing the steamiest version of “Shoot Out” on stage.


And in the video, when Wonho realizes he has eaten too many, he points out that he should have stopped five wings back…

I said it would be my last one a while ago…

— Wonho


… but he continues to conquer his hunger one piece at a time.


Soon he gets angry with himself for having absolutely no self control and lets out the cutest scream in the world, which became the most relatable thing Monbebes have seen from Wonho (whose legal name is Hoseok)!

Hoseok!!! STOP!!!

— Wonho


So it’s not only us, battling our own demons to put down that last cookie… or trying to avoid eye contact with the leftover pizza. Even the fittest member of MONSTA X struggles with diet too!


Watch the full clip here: