Moon Gabi Says This One Sexy Trick Will Cause Traffic Jams In Any Country

She’s confident this move will work anywhere.

Moon Gabi is a Korean model that has recently become super popular for her unique beauty.

Korean Model Moon Gabi Going Viral For Her Unconventional Beauty


She recently revealed that she believes her unconventional looks could cause traffic jams even overseas.

“I really want to confirm this. If a travel show offer came in…”


Moon Gabi explained that people will stop driving to look at her walking down the street.

She explained she has special walk that emphasizes her “S-Line” that causes drivers to roll down their windows.


Guillaume Patry, a Canadian entertainer who has been in Korea for over 15 years, said that in Canada — Gabi would definitely stop traffic.


Although the other hosts were various dubious, Moon Gabi promised she’d get proof the next time she causes a traffic jam.

Source: Dispatch