Moonbyul spotted “harassing” Solar repeatedly during performance

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul is one of the biggest jokesters amongst idols and it all started with her “harassing” fellow member Solar during their performances

The adorable “harassment” started when the two MAMAMOO members had some adorable moments on stage together. In particular, a moment from their performances for “1cm” started showing what a big prankster Moonbyul could be.

For “1cm”‘s choreography, each member gently pats the head of the member to their immediate left. This ‘dance’ comes in at 1 minute and 40 seconds into the song.

Being the super joker she is, Moonbyul decided that it would be fun to joke around with Solar. Instead of patting her head, Moonbyul playfully pats Solar’s face!

Moonbyul continued her antics in each subsequent “1cm” performance. Solar tried many times to dodge Moonbyul’s attacks by ducking, but she failed each time as Moonbyul inevitably found some other place to pat her!

Solar receiving endless smacks of love. She just can’t get away!!

Not fast enough, Solar! Moonbyul goes all out this time!

Finally, Solar finally decided to fight back by turning around and patting Moonbyul before she got to her first. But little did she know, Moonbyul was already prepared for the counter-attack!

Solar counter-attacking Moonbyul / Source: WM
Solar and Moonbyul 1cm
Moonbyul grabbing Solar’s squishy cheeks / Source: From Sunrise To Sunset

It’s been a while since fans have seen the two MAMAMOO artists interact so playfully on stage together, but keep an eye out for their next comeback! Hopefully, we’ll see another hilarious dance from their songs choreography that brings us just as much joy.

Watch the full video of Solar’s failed retaliation attempt here (at 11:38)!