Mother of Adopted Chinese Daughters Reveals 37 Horrible Things Her Daughters Went Through

People may think words come and go, and can quickly be forgotten. But sometimes, other people’s words can leave a lasting impression.

Those who are adopted may be targeted with the worst words of all. Kim Kelly-Wagner is the mother of two Asian-American adoptees. She decided to showcase the harmful words that have been directed towards her daughters in the past.

Below are the photos of the two sisters and the harmful words that they have heard growing up.


1. “They can’t love you like your own could”


2. “Why didn’t you get one that was ‘perfect’?”


3. “You must take after the other side of the family. Ha Ha”


4. “You’re lucky you got one of the pretty ones”


5. “Are you REAL sisters?”


6. “Say some Chinese for me!”


7. “Why didn’t her REAL family want her?”


8. “Why didn’t you get one from OUR foster care system?”


9. “How much did she cost?”


10. “She is lucky you came along, otherwise she would be dead on the street.”


11. “It is so nice of your mom to SAVE you.”


12. “They send their babies here so that they can become spies when they get older.”


13. “Where are your REAL parents?”


14. “I could never think of someone else’s kid as my own.”


15. “Wow, special needs, I bet she was extra expensive.”


16. “Why don’t you look like your mom?”


17. “They hate girls in the country you come from, you know that right?”


18. “But what are her emotional issues?”


19. “How can you love a child you didn’t give birth to? I could never do that!”


20. “You don’t know what problems they will have down the road, and they will have problems you know.”


21. “I could never take on someone else’s problem like that!”


22. “What a China doll!”


23. “Do you know her REAL family?”


24. “Aren’t you afraid they will hate you later for taking them away from their own country?”


25. “Didn’t you want one that looked like you?”


26. “Do you both have the same mother?”


27. “Do you have any kids of your own? No, I mean your own kids.”


28. “Why don’t you speak Chinese?”


29. “It’s so easy to get a baby over there, they just give them away.”


30. “She isn’t your real sister, you know that right?”


31. “Why would you bring more immigrants into our country?”


32. “Your mom is a real saint for wanting you.”


33. “Did they let you pick one?”


34. “Do they know they are adopted?”


35. “You’ll send her back when she’s an adult, right?”


36. “Wow, your mom could have bought a nice car instead of adopting you.”


37. “She speaks really good English! (they were adopted as babies)”

“I have tried to explain to my daughters that people do not say these things to be mean, they say them out of ignorance, which is why I am sharing some of them. Words are powerful, they can become tools or weapons, choose to use them wisely.” — Kim Kelly-Wagner

Source: Kim Kelley Wagner