Mother Mercilessly Beats Kindergarten Teacher Who Abused Her Child

A video of what appeared to be an enraged mother beating up an abusive kindergarten teacher is going viral.

A mother in Beijing reportedly demanded to see surveillance tapes from a local kindergarten after her daughter complained that she had been hit by her teachers. According to reports, the private kindergarten handed the tape over to the parents of the students, who later confronted the teachers. A video showing the school’s abuse and the ensuing physical altercation has gone viral online.

The surveillance video first showed footage of the children being thrown and kicked on several different occasions, before cutting to the confrontation between the parents and the teachers.

In her anger, one mother went to the teachers and grabbed one of them by their hair to throw them down before kicking them in the face in retaliation.

Check out the full video below:

Source: Shanghaiist