These Are The Movies That Shot Some of Hallyuwood’s Biggest Actors to Fame

Most famous actresses and actors have one role that gained them notoriety and this list contains the titles that helped launch actors like Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki to fame.

Being an actor is demanding, especially when a break-out part hasn’t come along yet. Having one role that allows an actor or actress to be recognized as talented can make all the difference to their careers.

This list explores some of those roles for actors and actresses who seem to be pillars in the artistic community today.

Kang Dong Won in Temptation of Wolves

Released in 2004, Temptation of Wolves was based on a comic of the same name by Guiyeoni. Kang Dong Won played Jung Tae Sung as a newcomer to the acting world.

Being a good-looking guy and playing a lovable character attracted fans to him. Kang Dong Won was awarded the 2004 Korean Film Award for Best New Actor for his role in this film.

Lee Joon Gi in The King and the Clown

A historical drama released in 2005 and set in the Joseon Dynasty, The King and the Clown is the ninth highest-grossing film in South Korea. A large part of its charm comes from Lee Joon Gi, who plays a clown who was arrested for satirizing the king. Before this movie, Lee Joon Gi was an unknown actor.

Park Bo Young in Scandal Makers

The highest grossing film of 2008, Scandal Makers catapulted Park Bo Young into stardom. Park received numerous Best New Actress awards for her role as Hwang Jeong Nam, the daughter of a former teen idol who was unaware he even had a child.

Even though Park Bo Young’s character was a bit rough around the edges, the role highlighted her as a “national sister.”

Jung Yoo Mi in My Dear Desperado

In 2010, Jung Yoo Mi played a university graduate leaving her hometown and falling in love with a gangster who becomes her neighbor in My Dear Desperado.

The movie itself was nominated for many awards, including Best Actress for Jung Yoo Mi at the 33rd Golden Cinematography Awards.

Song Joong Ki in A Werewolf Boy

Song Joong Ki is perhaps most well-known for in his role as Yoo Si Jin in Descendents of the Sun, but before the drama, he was pulled into the limelight through the 2012 fantasy romance movie, A Werewolf Boy.

Through his role as a werewolf constantly fighting his inner-beast, Song Joong Ki was nominated for numerous Best New Actor awards.

Suzy in Introduction to Architecture

While Suzy was recognized for being part of the girl group miss A, her appearance in the 2012 movie Architecture 101 helped her establish herself as an actress.

Suzy plays the younger version of Seo Yoon, who is also played by Han Ga In. Suzy meets and falls in love with a neighbor, which plays out to a bittersweet ending. Suzy won multiple awards for this role.

Source: My Daily