Mysterious Japanese Man’s Levitating Magic Tricks Are Seriously Mind-Boggling

A mysterious Japanese man is going viral for his levitating tricks that look legitimately magical.

The video, originally posted on Twitter, recalled that a group of friends entered the smoking area in a Japanese shopping mall where they saw a man casually begin floating a cup without a word, levitating it in the air before letting it slowly fall back down.

He then did the same thing with a lit cigarette, waving his hands all around it to show that there were no hidden strings attached.

After finishing his magic tricks, the man left before anyone got his name or any information about him. The original Twitter user’s friends commented that they had seen the man around the area before, but they still had no idea who he was.

The tweet has gone viral since it was posted, garnering over fifty-thousand retweets and over sixty-five thousand likes. To this day, no one knows how the man was able to do his tricks, causing some people to claim he could be a real magician.

“Yesterday in Bell’s smoking room. [We saw] this amazing uncle.
What is going on? ??”