MYTEEN Randomly Appeared On An American Sitcom And Fans Are Shook

MYTEEN showed up where fans least expected.

K-Pop is becoming a bigger part of the international pop culture mainstream every day, but idol groups like MYTEEN still manage to show up when fans least expect it.


MYTEEN recently appeared on I Feel Bad, an American sitcom about Emet, a wife, mother, and career woman who “feels bad” when she deviates from her own standards of perfection while trying to “have it all”.


Although the group didn’t appear in person, they still managed to become part of a subplot in episode 11, “We’re Not Fun Anymore”. In this episode, Emet and her husband David decide to take their K-Pop loving kids to a MYTEEN concert.


Early on in the show, MYTEEN’s music video can be seen and heard in the background as the parents watch their kids dance around the living room.


Later on, David surprises the kids with tickets to MYTEEN’s sold out show. Lily expresses the joy and struggle of K-Pop fans everywhere when she exclaims, “How did you get those? It’s been sold out for months!”


When the night of the concert arrives, the family is dressed to impress in MYTEEN T-shirts and other fan swag. David even wears a hat that says “I [heart] Chunjin“…


…which looks even better on the grandfather!


Although the concert happens off-screen, viewers do get to witness the kids’ post-concert excitement that K-Pop concert-goers can definitely relate to.


Fans who have seen the episode were taken by surprise, but are absolutely loving the unexpected reference.


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