Apink Naeun Wore This Skintight Dress In Public And Everyone’s Jaws Dropped

Apink‘s Naeun is continuously praised for her fashion taste and sense of style. This dress that captured everyone’s attention is no exception! 

While the singer’s worn her fair share of beautiful outfits in the past, fans jaws dropped when they saw her in this grey skintight dress. Time has gone by, but this dress continues to just absolutely kill fans when they see her in it. 

naeun 1

I mean honestly, how does she not get stopped by fans every step she takes?!

naeun 2

She’s been capturing hearts everywhere, let’s hope the next track they come out with hits #1 !!

naeun 3

naeun 4
Check out Naeun’s solo stage at Apink’s recent solo concert “Pink Island” below: