These nails are the trendiest fashion statement in Korea right now

You probably have spotted some people walking on the streets of Korea with these new nails, it’s trending and it’s just awesome!

Without a doubt, new fashion trends are always popping up in South Korea. As one of the leading countries of beauty and fashion, South Korea has created yet another trend that has been capturing the hearts of many women.

Eunkyung Park is the mastermind behind these new glass nails which are taking over the Korean nail salons today. These “shattered glass” nails are edgy and flashy on the hands of any wearer.

Initially using the insides of cellophane candy wrappers to do this, she switched to a Japanese brand of rainbow film to make these abstract designs. Not only are people going out to the salon to get these “shattered glass” nails, but many people are also doing their very own DIY at home.

Check out the latest trend below!

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