Nam Jihyun is believed to have a body of a Goddess

Proof that Nam Jihyun has one of the sexiest bodies in the K-pop industry

There are many female idols that are known for their fit and sexy bodies in the K-pop industry. For example, former 4Minute member Hyuna is known to have one of the hottest bodies that captivate audiences. But is there another former 4Minute member with an amazing body that has been shadowed by Hyuna?

Here are GIF compilations proving that former 4Minute member Nam Jihyun, too, has a body of a Goddess.

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Jihyun showing off her backside

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Her glamorous body captivates audiences


Her body looks amazing in all black


Showing off her flawless stomach


Jihyun can also be cute at the same time!


Jihyun dropping it like it’s hot!


She looks sexy even with her casual attire

Check out the fan-made video that compiles Nam Jihyun’s sexiest moments!

Source: Instiz, Youtube