NBA features Girl’s Day song with Shaq and Charles Barkley

Inside The NBA made use of one of Girl’s Day‘s instrumental from seven years ago.

While we wait for Girl’s Day to make, what we hope will be a miraculous comeback, half way around the globe one of their classic hits is getting recognition.

In the midst of a beef between Charles Barkley and LeBron James, Inside the NBA invited Shaq and Barkley to come onto the show. Before anything got too personal the men engaged in a fun, soccer shooting game, with Barkley as the goalie.


During the game re-cap, a catchy pop beat was playing, giving the perfect victory vibe. The background instrumental was quickly placed as Girl’s Day’s “Nothing Lasts Forever”.

While most are commenting on the basketball feud, Girl’s Day’s subtle cameo on the sports program has sparked excitement for the K-pop community.

The seven-years-old song is making its mark not only domestically but internationally in unexpected ways!

Check out Girl’s Day’s MV for “Nothing Lasts Forever” below!