NCT 127’s Mark And Johnny Warn Fans That They’re Always Watching What They Post Online

NCTzens beware!

NCT 127‘s Mark and Johnny recently joined a live Twitter Spaces session with host Jeff Benjamin to promote their latest album, 2 Baddies.

The boys commented that although this wasn’t their first time on Twitter Spaces, it was the rawest version they had ever done since they were candidly holding onto only one phone to talk to Jeff.

They discussed a wide range of topics, from who they would love to remake a 2 Baddies song with to if they had ever taken home anything from a music video set.

As they were wrapping up the short session, Johnny commented how he admittedly watched fan reaction videos online from time to time to see how NCTzens were reacting to their new music. Mark said he did the same, making Jeff say fans should be careful since NCT constantly monitored what they posted! Johnny said, “Be careful, be careful, we’re watching!” Mark had the best follow-up, “Don’t write something nasty! We’ll come find you!

Some fans couldn’t help but make memes about Mark’s reaction, fearing what he might have already seen on Twitter.

One fan recalled Mark’s message at the beginning of 2022 and realized that it might have been connected to whatever nasty things he saw online.

It’s great to hear that Mark and Johnny take the time to appreciate fan reactions, but hopefully, they don’t run into too many negative comments as well!

Check out NCT 127’s “2 Baddies” below.