NCT 127 Plays “Guess The Song” And It’s Adorable How Confused They Are

See if you can get any right.

On his YouTube channel, YouTuber GoToe invited NCT 127‘s Yuta, Doyoung, Mark, Jaehyun, and Johnny to play a game where they look at a series of emojis and guess the song title being represented. As hard as NCT 127 members tried though, they barely got any points throughout the game. And fans are in love which how dumbfounded and confused AF they look during the 15 minutes that the video continues!


GoToe explained the rules of the game. They were going to be shown a bunch of emojis and if they can figure out the song title from those emojis, they had to shout “Answer!” and guess the title. NCT 127 members seemed to understand the rules and got excited to play.


When the first question popped up on screen, it seemed pretty obvious which song the alligator emoji was pointing to. But NCT 127 members didn’t quite have their heads wrapped around the game just yet – so GoToe took the point on this one. And with that, NCT 127 got the hang of the game and were better ready for question 2.


When the second set of emojis appeared, GoToe and NCT 127 both took some time to think over their options. Doyoung and Jaehyun immediately got the hint and raised their hands to answer. It looked like NCT 127 were slowly picking up on how to play this game correctly…


… except for Mark. Note Mark’s forever confused face:


Unfortunately, the game never got any easier for NCT 127. The video captured NCT 127 members taking turns at being frozen in time and space, trying to figure out what the emojis could possibly mean. At one point, Doyoung becomes so discouraged that he whimpered, “Can I please get one right!”


Viewers are having a blast watching this video over and over – once to guess the emojis with NCT 127, twice to catch all the cute funny moments, and on constant replay to just appreciate the members spending time together like this!

Watch the full video here: