NCT 127’s Taeil Turns Red From Drinking While Brewing Beer With Johnny

Would you try their beer?

For the latest episode of Johnny’s Communication Center, NCT 127‘s Johnny set out to make his favorite alcoholic beverage: beer.

| NCT/YouTube

And of course he couldn’t do it alone, so Johnny enlisted the help of his favorite drinking buddy, Taeil.

After learning the four main ingredients of beer (water, barley, hops, and yeast) and how to make it, they decided on what kind of vibe they were going for.

Beer tasting is also a must, so while their beer was brewing, Johnny and Taeil tried various types of beer like wheat beer and stout.

After trying the beers, Taeil got adorably embarrassed because he turned a little red from all the beer he had.

Finally the two got to the last part, which was adding yeast to their beer before letting it sit and ferment for two weeks.

They ended up naming their beer “Joyful Day,” and will return to see how their beer turned out a couple weeks later! Until then, you can watch the full video of their process below!