NCT 127 Wants To Collaborate With Migos And They’re Already Prepared

Just listen to these ad-libs.

During an interview on Beats 1 for Apple Music, NCT 127 was reminded of the time they were on facetime with DJ Khaled after saying how much they wanted to collaborate with him.


So, they were asked if there was anyone new who they had their eyes on for creating interesting music. Taeil immediately brought the microphone closer to himself and announced, “I like Migos.”

He elaborated with, “Migos’s swag is so amazing.” And, the rest of NCT 127 were satisfied with his answer.

Mark agreed, “They’re amazing honestly,” and shared how excited they were for Migos‘s next project while everyone nodded.

Johnny also pointed out how they’ve been adding ad-libs to everything they do now and everyone followed suit with “skrrt skrrt” and bird sounds.

It seems like they’re more than prepared for a collaboration with Migos. Check out their lively response here.