NCT 127’s Yuta Confused Will Smith With A White Guy And Everyone’s Dying From Secondhand Embarrassment

He really is bad at recognizing celebrities.

During a backstage interview with Erik Zachary, NCT 127 was asked who their dream Hollywood co-star would be.


Yuta originally answered with Sam Smith. Since everyone had been naming actors, they were confused by his answer. But, they supported him anyway.

Then, they continued on to Doyoung who answered with Kevin Hart. And, that’s when Jaehyun made Yuta realize he’d named the wrong celebrity.

He hadn’t meant to choose singer Sam Smith at all. He’d meant to choose actor Will Smith. Yuta laughed along with everyone else at his mistake and apologized for confusing the two.

In Yuta’s defense, it’s already been proven that he’s bad at recognizing celebrities, even his own members.

Although both celebrities share the same last name, he was way off the mark. And, here’s a look at both celebrities to prove it.

Singer Sam Smith

Actor Will Smith

They’re both of different ethnicities, and that makes Yuta’s mistake all the more funnier and cute. Watch Yuta’s mistake here along with all of the reactions.