NCT DREAM’s Chenle And Jeno Reveal When Jisung Is His Scariest

Jeno revealed the scariest part.

Although NCT DREAM‘s Jisung is the maknae, Jeno and Chenle exposed when he’s the scariest one among them.

Jisung, Jeno, and Chenle. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

When the group chose who spaced out or daydreamed the most, Jisung earned the majority of the votes.

Though Chenle admitted he spaced out often, he pointed out that Jisung’s habit was “kind of weird,” causing them to laugh.

Chenle remembered sitting beside Jisung in the car and seeing the maknae do something unusual.

Chenle revealed, “He talks to himself while spacing out. He was conversing with himself.” He wasn’t the only member to see this “very scary” side of Jisung.

Jeno recalled a late-night trip through their dorm where he bumped into Jisung, calling it one of the scariest ever—especially after he’d previously shared another time the maknae scared him.

You know what’s the scariest part? I went to the living room in the middle of the night, and he was circling the living room. He was talking to himself as he circles around the room.

— Jisung

Since all the members agreed it was very spooky, they asked Jisung to reveal the backstory behind the habit.

Naturally, Jisung hadn’t meant to spook his members at all. He explained, “When we feel something, we would either write lyrics or be reminded of something. I would think of those situations and think of what I should say as well.

While Jisung is scaring his members, he’s simply gathering inspiration for their lyrics. See them discuss his hilariously spooky habit here.