NCT DREAM’s Spoiler King Chenle Teaches WayV’s Kun And Xiaojun The “Proper” Way To Handle Spoilers

Kun and Xiaojun, take notes! 👀

NCT DREAM‘s Chenle is back again as the spoiler king—both intentionally and unintentionally— and this time he’s passing on some tips.

Xiaojun (left) and Kun (right) | @WayV_official/Twitter

WayV‘s Kun and Xiaojun returned as a guest on radio show Akdong Seoul to promote their newest release “Back To You,” and Chenle accidentally shared a little too much. While talking about the film locations, Chenle said he heard Renjun had gone to the same location as well.

Chenle: I heard that when you guys were filming, Renjun had gone to have some fun as well.

Kun: He did!

Chenle: Did he visit you guys on set?

Kun: …Why did you share this information so easily?

Chenle: Oh was I not allowed to?

Kun waved it off and said it was okay since he had already said it, and further shared that Renjun, Ten, and Yangyang had come to visit. This however made Xiaojun flustered as he believed that Kun had said too much, which led to a discussion about spoilers.

Xiaojun was shocked at Chenle’s relaxed attitude, and seemed a bit skeptical about his tips, but nonetheless recognized his talent for giving spoilers. NCTzens will definitely be listening more closely now that Chenle has spilled his secret!