NCT DREAM’s Haechan Hilariously Reveals The Moment He Realized He Should Not Be An Actor

The members revealed they tried to make their scenes funny on purpose. 😂

NCT DREAM‘s first full album Hot Sauce is out, and the members discussed their favorite tracks and some behind the scenes moments.


Their “DREAM-VERSE” series of track teaser videos all required the members to act to some degree, and Jisung highlighted his, Chenle, and Haechan‘s acting scene in the track video for “Diggity” because it was particularly cold. Haechan went on to admit that that moment made him realize something.

Renjun admitted that the members weren’t planning on acting, and simply wanted to make it funny.

But the members agreed that Mark and Jisung’s acting scenes were impressive! They wanted to know how the story in the track videos ended, but Jisung insisted it was a secret and Mark said it was open for interpretation.

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