NCT DREAM’s Jeno Reveals When He Is Most Afraid Of Mark— And His Answer Is Unexpected

Mark had no idea! 😂

The “Dream vs. Dream” series where the NCT DREAM members test how well they know each other is back for their Hot Sauce comeback, and first up is Mark and Jeno.


The two did a phenomenal job answering each other’s questions and getting them right for the most part, but one of Jeno’s question in particular caught Mark off guard: “When am I most afraid of Mark?” 

Needless to say, Mark was surprised to hear that there is a time when Jeno is afraid of him. And it was clear Mark had no clue what the answer could be based on the guesses he threw out.

Jeno tried to give him a hint saying “You don’t look scary,” but Mark was still clueless. Turns out the answer has to do with basketball!

The experience clearly left an impression on Jeno! Watch the full video below: