NCT DREAM’s Mark Nearly Threw Away Haechan’s Phone To Hide Embarrassing Clip

“Please open that trash can.”

In the five years since NCT DREAM‘s debut, they’ve created quite a few hilarious memories they wish they could forget but ended up as iconic moments for fans. When Haechan reminded them of one, Mark was ready to throw away his phone to hide the embarrassing moment from his past.


In one of the group’s behind-the-scenes vlogs for “Hot Sauce” promotions, Mark was having a chill conversation with Renjun when he immediately noticed Haechan playing something too familiar. He reached right for Haechan’s phone.

While Haechan burst into laughter, Mark took the phone and aimed it straight for the trash can. He asked someone, “Please open that trash can,” shortly before Haechan grabbed onto his arm to stop him.

After Mark sat back down, Haechan didn’t have a clue where his phone had been hidden. As Renjun and Haechan laughed, the latter said, “Let’s hear kimchi jjigae once. Where did you put my cell phone?

The moment that Mark wanted to hide was his popular freestyle rap about kimchi jjigae that no one will let him forget about, from NCT 127 all the way to SuperM.

Haechan never fails to show how much he loves Mark with his teasing.

Haechan and Mark. | nct_dream/Instagram

See Mark’s amusing reaction to Haechan once again mentioning the rap he’s still trying to forget.