NCT Dream’s Renjun Almost Spoiled A Song And Their Reactions Said It All

It could’ve been too late.

During a live broadcast, all sorts of things can happen because there’s no way to edit it as it’s happening.


NCT Dream had a small incident when Renjun stopped himself from revealing something top secret.

As the lead vocalist, he nonchalantly sang the words to a random song. Then, he suddenly stopped himself by putting a hand over his mouth and saying, “Oh.”

Then, he looked over to Jaemin and Jisung to confirm that he was singing something that he wasn’t supposed to.

Jisung had reached to stop him and Jaemin could only smile after realizing what had happened.

Fortunately for them, Renjun had sung only a small line of the song and he’d realized what he’d done before he finished it. But, NCTzens will be looking forward to the full song now that they’ve gotten a teaser.