NCT Fan Interrupts GOT7’s Livestream… Jinyoung Gets Angry 

He stopped his broadcast and called them out in front of everybody.

Live online broadcasts are meant to give idols the opportunity to interact with their personal fans in a fun and sort of idyllic way.


So, when someone tries to ruin the mood of this precious online one-on-(sort of)-one, idols and fans alike cannot help but call them out. 


This is exactly what happened during a recent live broadcast hosted by GOT7’s Jinyoung who just wanted to catch up with fans…


But for some reason, one specific user kept on asking him to sing other group’s songs, specifically NCT. 


Unable to hold his composure any longer, he bluntly called out the person and blatantly refused. 


Fans who have heard about this incident applauded Jinyoung’s move. 


Who can blame them? It ruins the experience.